The “Neva Massage Center” is not “just” about massage – it’s actually custom-tailored body therapy.

The center was established in 2008 to provide benefits of higher quality massage for Minnesotans. Our experts, especially invited from Europe to work at the salon, have specialized knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the human nervous system. Indeed, they have studied right here, in the United States, in order to fully integrate all the knowledge into one whole and deliver the result flawlessly - so you, our client, can have the highest standards in massage: in line with everything that science, medicine, cosmetology and hygiene could ask for. Our massages are done based on the client’s individual needs, our therapists have an enormous amount of experience (both in America and in Europe), and in fact some of them are actually transferring European medical degrees to the United Sates. Needless to say, no matter how far and wide you look, it’s unlikely you’ll find more experienced or knowledgeable massage therapists.

In 2012 and 2013 we catered to the Rhythmic Gymnastics National Junior Team, who THEN took gold at the Pan American Games.

If you value your health, if you respect yourself, your time and your money – don’t squander on senseless low-quality massage. You are our client. In our massage center, we have specialists for every type of massage, some have extensive medical backgrounds. We always look forward to see you at our massage center.

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Hot stone Massage - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

Hot stone Massage

This type of massage uses the energy of hot

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European Deep Tissue Massage - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

European Deep Tissue Massage

European massage has traveled the longest of all

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Aromatherapy with essential oils - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

Aromatherapy with essential oils

Since ancient times people have used aromatherapy

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