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Benefits of Massage - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

Massage is a method of mechanical and reflex actions on a range of tissue and muscle structures using various techniques on the body with hands or with specialized devices in various environments (such as water, air etc.,) in order to achieve specific results (therapeutic, relaxing, anti-cellulite, decongestant, etc.)

To enhance the effect of the massage, different types of oils are used such as aromatic, scented, honey, as well as medical creams, gels etc., Hot or cold stones or oils could also be used to further enhance the effectiveness of massage.During the massage, the flow of impulses received by the skin, muscles ,tendons are transmitted to the central nervous system. Depending on the methods used during massage session , impulses reaching the central nervous system can improve the operation of peripheral nerves, tone up or relax muscles, temporary reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Massage has been shown to increase blood circulation through the lymph and circulatory systems. Through the lymph vessels, oxygen saturation increases blood, which lead to anti-aging effect of all tissues including the connective tissues which happens to be the support system for the complete organism.Massage is necessary for every healthy person to maintain the harmony of body and soul, to prevent the development of many illnesses and to reduce the effects of stress.

Massage is used to treat cardiovascular disease, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, disease of the respiratory system, urological and gynecological disorders, diseases of the nervous system, to reduce various ailments such as headaches tension in the muscles after exercise as well as reducing the state of anxiety and depression. Message is also necessary in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Only well planned and executed massage done well qualified massage practitioner will achieve the desired results.


“ The place may not be fancy, but it's a better massage than I've ever gotten at places with "atmosphere". They take the health benefits of massage seriously and are very professional. I have had massages from both Leo and Irina, and both are great. Irina in particular has helped me recover from chronic back pain. So, skip the plants and fancy surroundings and get the best massage you'll ever have from very knowledgeable professionals.”

Denise Pasmanter

“The greatest massage ever had.... thank you very much for the awesome service”

Anton Kozyrev

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