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Sports Massage - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

Sports Massage

This style of massage works on all muscle groups, but the muscles used during exercise receive the most attention, which means that sports massage is individual to every athlete.

It can be used with equal success both before and after practice or competition, but the purpose in each scenario varies. If the massage is performed before the physical activity, the goal is to prepare the muscles for action. If it is done after,…

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Aromatherapy with essential oils - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

Aromatherapy with essential oils

Since ancient times people have used aromatherapy as a way to take care of youth, beauty, body, and health. Secrets of amazing essential oils have come up to the present day. Now they are used in medicine, medical cosmetology , and everyday life.

Massage using essential oils not only relaxes the muscles, but has a beneficial effect on the skin. In the process of massage , aromas of essential oils contributes to the relaxation of the nervous system and restore it. Essential oils "are" in harmony…

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Couples Massage - Neva Massage Center - St. Louis Park - Minnesota - United States

Couples Massage

Couples Massage lasting 1 hour per person, customized for each persons specific needs and goals.

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Spa Massage has long been considered a classic means of dealing with stress, depression and low mood. Especially that, except for rest and composure, correctly chosen massage technique will help solve a lot of problems with health and beauty: for example, relieve muscle and headaches, low back pain cure, beat cellulite, correct figure and remove wrinkles. Undoubted merit SPA is that the massage therapist - is not just a professional in the field of manual therapy, a creator, who with his own hands can we rediscover the world and bring inner harmony. And his loyal assistants in this "magic" - aromatic oils, stones, honey, herbs.

Chiropractic Adjustments

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X-ray Analysis

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“ The place may not be fancy, but it's a better massage than I've ever gotten at places with "atmosphere". They take the health benefits of massage seriously and are very professional. I have had massages from both Leo and Irina, and both are great. Irina in particular has helped me recover from chronic back pain. So, skip the plants and fancy surroundings and get the best massage you'll ever have from very knowledgeable professionals.”

Denise Pasmanter

“The greatest massage ever had.... thank you very much for the awesome service”

Anton Kozyrev